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Know more about the team behind TEDxMahindraUniversity on our Team page. Meet the diverse minds shaping our journey, united by a passion for 'Ideas Worth Spreading'. Together, we're dedicated to fostering innovation, amplifying voices, and building a community that knows no bounds.

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tabhita ma'am

Tabitha Chekuri

Event Management Lead
Dr. Tabitha Chekuri, an Associate Professor at Mahindra University, Hyderabad, holds a PhD in English Language Education. Passionate about language studies and professional development, she believes education unlocks endless possibilities. Creating an inclusive learning environment, she empowers students to reach their full potential and aims to leave a lasting impact beyond the classroom. Dr. Chekuri's commitment to education seeks to cultivate lifelong learners ready to make meaningful contributions to society.

Aarnav Dantaluri

Executive Producer
A second-year BBA student at Mahindra University, specializing in Computational Business Analytics, Aarnav navigates his academic journey with a keen interest in the dynamic fusion of business and analytics. Beyond the classroom, he actively engages in hackathons, startup clubs, and diverse fests, notably in Mathematics. His organizing roles in various university clubs showcase his commitment to fostering a vibrant collegiate community. Eager to connect with like-minded individuals, Aarnav aspires to explore endless possibilities within the realms of analytics, startups, and collaborative initiatives

Krithi Kankanala

Krithi Kankanala is a first-year student at Mahindra University pursuing a degree in Economics and Finance. She’s academically inclined towards learning about women in economics and statistics. Alongside her academic pursuits, she’s fond of tinkering with tools, debating global politics and lending a helping hand at events. If you happen to meet her outside the classroom, you might end up sharing her joy for good food and brilliant movies.

Shubhika Yadav

Co- Host
Shubhika is a final year BTech student with a major in Electronics and Computer Engineering. In her time on campus, she has taken part in a few global contests, interned at a couple firms, and gained valuable experience in managing events. She is an avid reader and is constantly exploring a variety of new genres in literature. Apart from that she has always been keen on learning new things in life, ranging from coding and art history, to dance and photography. She is driven by challenging work and engaging conversations.

Raghu Prashanka

Hospitality and Guest Management Lead
A third-year computer science undergrad, Raghu is passionate about technology, with a focus on AI and natural language processing. Actively participating in conferences and workshops, he showcases keen interest in computational intelligence. Raghu believes in the vast potential of human-computer interaction and finds work engagement essential for mental clarity and goal pursuit. Beyond academics, he explores diverse interests, including music and technology.

Yashwant Kalluri

Design Lead
As a skilled graphic designer, Yashwanth seamlessly merges creativity and precision to create compelling visual stories. His passion lies in storytelling through captivating design, translating concepts into impactful creations with attention to detail. He excels in design principles, harmonious compositions, and color theory to evoke emotions and convey messages effectively. Typography is an art form he leverages to enhance visual impact. Yashwanth thrives on transforming ideas into engaging experiences, dedicated to excellence and leaving a lasting impression in branding, marketing, and digital design.

Pavan Avuthu

Sponsorship Lead
Pavan Avuthu, a 2nd-year BBA student at Mahindra University, is deeply passionate about startups, merging sports background with entrepreneurship. As Encore's director, he exhibits leadership, contributes to Aalay Infra's real estate, and excels in organizing events like ACETECH. Founder of Sneakcheck from a Cornell program, Pavan gains startup insights. Beyond business, he thrives in boxing and soccer, constantly pushing for self-improvement. Eager to connect for growth and collaboration, Pavan is a dynamic individual seeking new opportunities in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape.

Dhruv Krishan Agarwal

Post Production Lead
Dhruv Krishan Agarwal, a second-year BBA Digital Technologies student at Mahindra University, is passionate about marketing and is venturing into data analysis. With 4 years of experience as a commercial product photographer for brands like Swiggy and Shuddham Organics, he has also founded a creative agency specializing in social media content creation. A dedicated traveler, Dhruv has solo explored 7 states and 20+ cities in the last 2 years, driven by a love for trying new things.

Vinay Jain

IT and Finance Lead
Vinay Jain, a first-year student at Mahindra University School, is carving a path towards success with his pursuit of a BA in Economics and Finance. A passionate investor and finance enthusiast, he showcases his skills in web development and technology. With a natural leadership flair, Vinay has achieved academic excellence, securing the prestigious AIR 1 rank in FEC and triumphing in the Money 101 contest. His dedication to learning and his impressive achievements make him a standout student with a promising future ahead.

Pragati Shinde

Media Coverage Lead
A second-year BBA student specializing in Computational Business Analytics, Pragati is passionate about social entrepreneurship. As the Secretary of Societal Support in Mahindra University's Social Welfare club, she actively contributes to organizations supporting specially-abled individuals. Embracing a blend of creativity and spirituality, she values traditional practices and is excited to volunteer for TEDx under the theme "Beyond Boundaries."

Sri Sanjana Ravuri

Hospitality and Guest Management Associate
A third-year AI student at Mahindra University and a key player in the TEDx organizing team, Sri Sanjana is passionate about ML, data science, music, dance, and cinema. With an enriched perspective from schools in various countries, she sees TEDx Mahindra as a dynamic space for lively conversations and the exchange of innovative ideas

Vaishnavi Neela

Hospitality and Guest Management Associate
Vaishnavi Neela, a passionate 3rd-year B.Tech AI student at Mahindra University, is taking on the role of Student Organizer for an upcoming TEDxTalk event. With a background in organizing conferences and experience at Harvested Robotics, integrating agriculture and AI, she brings a unique perspective to the organizing team. Vaishnavi envisions the TEDx event as a platform for converging ideas, sparking conversations, and shaping thoughts.

Ritu Sree Immanni

Hospitality and Guest Management Associate
A third-year Computer Science undergraduate with a passion for technology, Ritu Sree is known for her introverted nature. Thriving in the digital realm, she loves novels and music, seeking inspiration from literature. As a TEDx organizing committee member, she aims to infuse enthusiasm into crafting an exceptional event experience.